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Safeguarding Adults in Salford

In 2016, health and care partners in Salford created Salford Integrated Care Organisation (SCO), with the Northern Care Alliance (NCA), (Formally Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) as the prime provider of health and social care in Salford. This integration saw the transfer of the majority of Salford City Council’s (SCC) Adult Social Care service (ASC) to the NCA. The Director of Adult Social Services (DASS) remains with the council which retains the statutory duties and responsibilities. However, the provision and operational delivery of Adult Social Care is delivered by the NCA on behalf of the council.  The statutory duty for safeguarding remains with the Local Authority (Salford City Council) whilst the delivery of the functions is carried out by the NCA as the lead agency.

Throughout the policy and procedures there will be reference to the Lead Agency which is Adult Social Care who are acting on behalf of the Local Authority. Through Section 75 agreements, the SCO has delegated some of its social care functions to Greater Manchester Mental Health services.

Safeguarding Adults Board Policy and Procedures

These Policy and Procedures are intended for use by all practitioners, volunteers, services, and partner agencies in Salford.

They include the following sections:

  • Salford Safeguarding Adults Policy;
  • Safeguarding Adults Core procedures;
  • Safeguarding Adults practice guidance;
  • Learning and Improvement.

Contacts and Practice Resources

The Contacts and Practice Resources section contains all of the local processes, documents, and internet/intranet links to support the effective implementation of the procedures. It also houses a range of national practice guidance for good safeguarding practice.

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Children's Safeguarding Procedures

Anyone working across both children's and adult services can use this link to access the Salford Children’s Services Procedures Manual.

Last Updated: March 6, 2024